Pritech Manicure Set - LD35

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Charging adapter

Ø  Interchangeable heads

Ø  Polishers

Ø  Grinding wheels

Ø  Smooth polisher

Ø  Polishing, modeling, and drying

Ø  Organizer

Ø  Cordless

Ø  It is best for the professional manicure

Ø  Best for well-maintained hands and feet

Ø  Has LED light

Ø  Speed: 3,800 - 4,600 rpm +/- 14%

Ø  2-speed levels

Ø  Double direction of rotation; Operates clockwise and counterclockwise

Ø  Packing bag included

Quality accessories in Sapphire in Pritech Manicure Set - LD35:

Ø  Sapphire cone, long and coarse: rapid elimination of thick callus or large marks on the soles of the feet and on the heels.

Ø  Sapphire disk, fine: fine grain sapphire disk for filing and smoothing the nails.

Ø  Sapphire disc coarse: with this accessory, you can trim thick nails, filing them yourself.

Ø  Sapphire leaf Rapid removal of thick calluses or large marks on the soles of the feet and on the heels.

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