Pritech Manicure Set - LD35

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Purchase the best manicure set that is Pritech Manicure Set - LD35 in UAE

It is better to get a comfortable and economical manicure. But, to carry it out we need a manicure set. Pritech presents the model for a complete care of feet and hands in the comfort of your own home. You can do a delicate and delicate work of manicure and pedicure in total safety because, thanks to its interchangeable sapphire heads, this device will give you the precision that is only achieved in the hands of a professional in the service of beauty. Four of these heads are exclusively for hands and three others for exclusive use for feet, including disks for remodeling, nail polish, conical polisher, narrow rod, wide manicure rod, fine scraper and thick scraper. You can get the Pritech Manicure Set - LD35 from in dubai!

In addition to its various adapters, this product has an ergonomic handle and non-slip, which facilitates the holding, allowing a better control of the artifact in his hands. You can choose between its two speeds and if you want to turn right or left. It also includes a handy case to keep all the parts of the Pritech manicure set in perfect order and take it with you wherever you go, ensuring hands and feet 100% beautiful just connect your device to the electric source.

Looking beautiful is always a very important task for us women, especially when it comes to our hands and feet, well now there is a cheap and very easy way with the Pritech manicure set. With the elegant and practical manicure set designed by the Pritech manicure set, you can file and cut, smooth, and manage the nails of yours.

What Pritech Manicure Set - LD35 has?

Type: nail treatment machine

Ø  Charging adapter

Ø  Interchangeable heads

Ø  Polishers

Ø  Grinding wheels

Ø  Smooth polisher

Ø  Polishing, modeling, and drying

Ø  Organizer

Ø  Cordless

Ø  It is best for the professional manicure

Ø  Best for well-maintained hands and feet

Ø  Has LED light

Ø  Speed: 3,800 - 4,600 rpm +/- 14%

Ø  2-speed levels

Ø  Double direction of rotation; Operates clockwise and counterclockwise

Ø  Packing bag included

Quality accessories in Sapphire in Pritech Manicure Set - LD35:

Ø  Sapphire cone, long and coarse: rapid elimination of thick callus or large marks on the soles of the feet and on the heels.

Ø  Sapphire disk, fine: fine grain sapphire disk for filing and smoothing the nails.

Ø  Sapphire disc coarse: with this accessory, you can trim thick nails, filing them yourself.

Ø  Sapphire leaf Rapid removal of thick calluses or large marks on the soles of the feet and on the heels.

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