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Radha Beauty

Category Type Face
Type Moisturizers
Ammonia Free No
Formaldehyde Free No
Organic Based No
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If you are worried because of your wrinkled, rough skin or facing the problems of aging, fine lines and uneven skin tone than our fantastic skin care product is the solution for your all problems. 

Radha Beauty Vitamin C Serum is intoxicating, boosts collagen production with organic herbal fusion. With this advanced formula serum of Vitamin C you can get brightened and flawless smooth skin.  Accommodating in moisturizing the skin deeply and help in getting the radiant and young-looking skin. Reduce ongoing and premature effects of aging because of added power of hyaluronic acid. You can reduce your fine lines and wrinkles due to collagen. This serum with an increase of 20% vitamin C helps you to get rid of the rough and patchy skin. When applied with high-quality moisturizers give you the best results. With new formulation, it’s easy for you to defuse free radicals and unnecessary wrinkles. This fabulous Radha beauty serum comes with a dropper, so it’s easy for you to apply accurately and consistently. The serum doesn’t contain any kind of alcohol, parabens or sulfates so use it on any type of skin.     

Precaution: For the sun sensitive skin uses sunscreen moisturizer before the serum.

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