Sally Hansen Facial Hair Creme Bleach 1 ea

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Crème (net wt.1.0 Oz/28.3 grams)

Mixing Tray


Activator (net w.t 0.25 Oz/7.0 grams)

Easy to use instructions (for your easiness so you can get flawless skin in first try)


This product Facial Hair Crème Bleach from Sally Hansen you can get an even tone skin. This product is manufactured in America. With this product, you can easily lighten the facial hairs without damaging your skin. This facial hair crème bleach lightens your hair quickly and gently merge them into your natural skin tone.


        • Crème bleach with almond fragrance
        • Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice
        • Lanolin alcohol
        • Zea mays
        • Starch
        • Phosphoric acid
        • Phenacetin
        • Oleth – 16
        • Laneth – 16
        • Water
        • Stearyl alcohol
        • Mineral oil
        • Hydrogen peroxide
        • Activator Ingredients
        • Silica
        • Ammonium bicarbonate
        • Zeolite
        • Sodium bicarbonate


        • Effectively lighten your unwanted facial hairs
        • Sweet almond scent
        • Great for above upper lip, chin and hairline
        • Fast & gentle hair lightening


          • Don’t use this product if you are having any kind of allergies on your face. Do not exceed its use from the recommended amount.
          • Store this facial hair crème bleach at room temperature and keep them out of reach of children.

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