Self-Stirring Mug

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    §  100% brand new.

    §  Has it own self-stirring technology.

    §  Convenient and easy to use.

    §  Washable.

    §  Color: silver & black.

    §  Can't microwave.

    §  Made of plastic and stainless steel.

    §  Handy plastic lid that stops spills.

    §  The mug measure Approx. 14 x 11 x 8.5 cm.

    §  Self-stirring feature on the mug.

    §  Battery powered stirring device.

    §  Get utmost results with minimum efforts.

    §  Have a high-temperature resistance.

    §  Perfect travel mug:

    Coffee or tea lovers can take it on their travel as it is specially designed for lazy men.

    §  Friendly design:

    The authentic and appealing features are much better than typical self-stirring mugs as it has classic look.

    §  Premium quality:

    The premium quality brand is simply efficient and remains long-lasting. 

    §  Multi-Purpose:

    The Self-stirring mug that is available at is best to stir your coffee or tea and also you can use it for other favorite beverages like milk, cocoa, and chocolate.

    §  Save time:

    It is a time-oriented product that saves your most of precious time.

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