Simply Hair Straightener & Brush

Product Information


Ø  It straights your hair perfectly, fast and easy

Ø  You just need to brush your hair for smooth & straighten hair

Ø  It will give you long-lasting salon quality results

Ø  This product is great and useable for all hair types

Ø  It's fast and safe as well as gentle


Ø  Let's know how Simply Hair Straightener and Brush Works!

 It has unique ceramic-coated bristles heat up to just the correct temperature to lightly relax hair as your brush gives you a silky-smooth straight hair in just a few minutes!

•    It has ceramic brush that levels in minutes

•    This product will not burn scalp or damage your hair

•   It is an excellent choice for all hair types

• Every gender whether a man or a woman can use it without any worries


Ø  Specifications


Ø  It Feature   Multiple Heat Settings, Digital Display, Ionic Auto Shut-off, Ceramic Plates, Ionic

Ø  Brand is Simply Hair Straightener and Brush 

Ø   It is best for all type of hair

Ø   Any gender  can use it 

Ø   Its Model  is  SHS-300

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