Simply Hair Straightener & Brush

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Simply Hair Straightener & Brush 

Simply Hair Straightener and brush is an amazing new ceramic straightening brush. It connects the power of a flat iron with the gentle styling experience of a brush to make straightening your hair as simple as brushing your hair! This innovative brush smooth and straightens your hair in just a few minutes. Simply Hair Straightener and Brush heats up to the required temperature in few seconds. The temperature even heating that will not damage anyone's hair. Simply Hair Straightener and Brush is the correct choice for tangle-free styling.

The best thing is Simply Hair Straightener, and Brush has ceramic wrapped bristles that lift and manage your hair at the root to give required and gentle heat on each and every strand of hair. This an amazing straightener and brush straights you hair without frying, damaging or flattening it. There is no comparison of Simply Hair Straightener and Brush in Dubai for straight, shiny, healthy hair that’s manageable to style and filled with volume.

This amazing Hair Straightener works on all types of hair and tames unruly frizz and curls and straightens in just a couple of minutes.

After this brilliant Simply Hair Straightener and brush no more excuses left that preparing your hair for any gathering takes too long! Be happy because of no more messy hair. Now in UAE, you can change your look for every event, for every day, easily and quickly. By using this product, you will get long-lasting salon-quality results. Simply Hair Straightener and Brush will leave your hair looking smooth and silky with brilliant shine all day long Stop worrying, be happy now straightening your hair is as easy as you are brushing it. is bringing this amazing product for you at a very reasonable price.


Ø  Features


Ø  It straights your hair perfectly, fast and easy

Ø  You just need to brush your hair for smooth & straighten hair

Ø  It will give you long-lasting salon quality results

Ø  This product is great and useable for all hair types

Ø  It's fast and safe as well as gentle


Ø  Let's know how Simply Hair Straightener and Brush Works!

 It has unique ceramic-coated bristles heat up to just the correct temperature to lightly relax hair as your brush gives you a silky-smooth straight hair in just a few minutes!

•    It has ceramic brush that levels in minutes

•    This product will not burn scalp or damage your hair

•   It is an excellent choice for all hair types

• Every gender whether a man or a woman can use it without any worries


Ø  Specifications


Ø  It Feature   Multiple Heat Settings, Digital Display, Ionic Auto Shut-off, Ceramic Plates, Ionic

Ø  Brand is Simply Hair Straightener and Brush 

Ø   It is best for all type of hair

Ø   Any gender  can use it 

Ø   Its Model  is  SHS-300




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