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Solgar - Skin, Nails And Hair Unflavored 60 Tablets-Pack Of 2

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Support Skin Structure with Solgar Skin Multivitamin

Let’s give a boost to your skin, nails and hairs with this Solgar formulation specially made for this purpose. This is the food supplement for skin that builds healthy collagen building blocks in the skin. This Solgar hair, nail and skin formulation supplement is the best natural supplement that you can add into your beauty regimen.

The distinct formulation Solgar tablets for hairs, nails and skin helps your body to build collagen. Do you want to get firmer and youthful skin? Now it is not difficult with Solgar vitamins for skin, hair and nails. The formulation of these food supplements for skin contains major components that support healthy skin structure and increases its elasticity.

Let’s fight with damage, rough, and split ends of the hairs naturally with these Solgar hair pills. This is the most recommended dietary supplement for women who are facing difficulties with their hair. These good skin and hair vitamins also increase the growth of hairs and help you to get long, shiny and silky hair. Solgar is the best supplement that also deals with hair loss.

With time as you age, the nails also tend to become brittle and start to lose their natural texture. These Solgar multivitamins help people to get shiny, strong and healthy nails. Sometimes, many nutrients are not delivered directly to the body. These Solgar vitamins are specially designed to provide the   necessary amount of collagen to the skin.

Collagen is the leading beauty component of the body that protects our skin, hairs and nails from damage. The composition of this Solgar nails, skin and hair tablets contain various additional nutrients such as zinc, copper and vitamin C. These nutrients are delivered internally to the body. And it speeds up the recovery of nails, hairs and skin. 

Features & Benefits of Solgar Hair, Skin & Nail Vitamins

ü  This dietary supplement is suitable for vegans

ü  Solgar is the best vitamin for hair fall

ü  It is the best vitamin for dry skin

ü  You will get 120 dietary Solgar tablets for nails, hairs and skin

ü  This Solgar, Vitamins builds collagen in the body

ü  Internally provides essential nutrients to the body

ü  Increase the elasticity of the skin

ü  Solgar is the best vitamin for glowing skin and hairs

ü  Help you to get a youthful and wrinkle-free skin

ü  Fight against brittle and weak nails

ü  These Solgar skin, hair and nail supplements include additional nutrients in it

ü  KOF-K Kosher certifies this product

ü  GMO-free with the tag of M Halal

ü  The formulation of Solgar vitamins protect the skin against free radicals

How to use these Best hairs, skin and nails vitamins?

Don’t know which is the best supplement for hairs? If yes, then this is your stop. Because Solgar is providing best hair treating tablets that are enriched with different nutrients.

For a healthy adult, it is recommended to take 2 Solgar tablets for hair, skin and nails. Doctors recommend you to take this dietary supplement with your meal.

Where to store this dry skin supplements and vitamins?

With a distinct formulation of different nutrients, the Solgar is a perfect vitamin for controlling hair fall. For effective results, store this dietary supplement from Solgar in a dry and cool place.

Warnings & Side Effects of Solgar Nails, Hair and Skin

ü  Solgar multivitamins are only recommended for healthy adults

ü  This product is specifically formulated for women

ü  Don’t take this dietary supplement if you are pregnant or nursing

ü  Consult your doctor or dermatologist before using these Solgar hair loss supplements

ü  Store these supplements away from kids

ü  Don’t expose it directly in sunlight

ü  You cannot use this dietary supplement as a substitute for the diet

ü  Discontinue the use of this Solgar multivitamins and consult your doctor if any adverse reaction occurs

ü  This product is not free from yeast, soy and wheat so take it on your own risk or according to the prescription of your doctor

ü  Store it at room temperature or at col place

ü  Do not use it if you find its protective sealing damage

ü  Do not use its excessive amount daily

ü  This product contains dairy-products and nuts

Ingredients of Solgar for skin, Hair and Nail Supplement

ü  Zinc (Zinc Citrate)

ü  Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)

ü  L-Proline

ü  L-Lysine (L-Lysine HCL)

ü  Copper (Copper Glycinate Amino Acid Chelate)

ü  MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) in the form of OptiMSM

ü  Silicon (L. Calcareum, Silicon Dioxide, Red Algae Powder)

Other Ingredients

ü  Vegetable Stearic Acid

ü  Vegetable Glycerin

ü  Microcrystalline Cellulose

ü  Vegetable Stearic Acid

ü  Vegetable Magnesium Stearate


Q: Are these Solgar hair fall supplements chewable?

A: No, the size of these Solgar tablets for skin nails and hairs are quite large. And you cannot chew it. You have to swallow one whole tablet with water.

Q: Does this dietary supplement work on acne and wrinkles of the skin?

A: This is the vitamin supplements that support healthy nails, skin and hairs. This dietary supplement effectively fights with acne and free-radicals.

Q: Does this hair fall vitamins also work on greying of hairs?

A: Yes, the formulation of Solgar multivitamins is specifically designed to fight with hair problems.

Q: Does this product contain biotin?

A: No, the nails, skin and hair multivitamins do not contain Biotin.

Q: Can this product fight with the problems of dry skin?

A: Solgar is the best supplement and vitamin for dry skin and it can effectively fight with dry skin problems.

Q: What are the main nutrients of this product?

A: Copper, Zinc, Vitamin C and Silicon

Q: How many Solgar tablets for nails, skin and hairs recommend for daily use?

A: Two tablets of this dietary supplement are recommended for daily use.

Q: Which is the best supplement for controlling hair loss problem?

A: Solgar is one of the best dietary supplements for controlling hair fall.

Q: Can I use this product for controlling split ends?

A: Yes, these vitamin tablets for hair can control the split ends of the dry hairs.

Q: Is it possible to get youthful skin with Solgar multivitamins?

A: Yes, the special formulation of Solgar helps you to get a youthful skin. This dietary supplement increases the building of collagen in the body. It is the best dietary supplement that you can use to get healthy skin.

Q: Can a woman use this supplement during pregnancy?

A: The composition of this skin, nail and hair supplement is might not suitable for pregnant women.

Q: Is it suitable for vegans?

A: Yes, it is

Q: What is the price of these 120 female Solgar multiple tablets?

A: This dietary supplement is available at a reasonable price at

Q: Are these Solgar Skin and Hair vitamins available in Dubai?

A: Yes, you can order this dietary supplement online in Dubai.

Q: Is there any health side effects of this Solgar skin, hairs and nails multivitamin?

A: All the health care information about this product is mentioned on the package.

Q: How many tablets are included in one pack?

A: 60 best hairs and nail multivitamin tablets

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