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Sports Research - Plant-Based K2 and D3 - 2 In 1 Support Unflavored 60 Veggie Softgels

60 Soft veggie gels from Sports Research _ 125 mcg Vegan D3

This is a plant-based formulation that contains the perfect combo of vitamin K2 & D3. This is the best vegan dietary supplement that increases the energy levels of the body. This is the best Vitamin K2, D3 supplement that is specially formulated for vegetarians. 

Features & Benefits

This K2 D3 supplement is vegan certified

Best vitamin K2 and D3 supplement in UAE

Increase and support energy levels

This vitamin K2 D3 supplement is plant based

Vitamin K2 with D3 strengthens the muscles

Best vitamin k2 supplements in Dubai

This K2 9 Vitamin supplement is free from gluten and yeast

This K2 and D3 vitamin supplements are best for weak bones

Supports calcium formation in the body

Certified with GMP

This vitamin D3 & K2 supplements are clinically proven

How to use? 

For effective results, take 1 soft veggie gel supplement daily. You can also take this vitamin K3 D3 supplement with food. 

How to store?

Store this K2 and D3 Vitamins Veggies supplement in a dry and cold place.  

Warnings/Side Effects

Don’t use it without consulting doctor

It is not for kids

Don’t use if its seal is broken

Don’t expose this vitamin K2 and D3 supplements in sunlight

Don’t overdose

Don’t use it if you are facing any medical condition


Organic Coconut Oil

Vitamin D3 Vegan



Kosher vegetable glycerin

Non-GMO rice bran wax

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Is this Sport-function K2 and D3 vitamin supplement good for bones? 

Yes, it is best for weak bones and restores calcium in the body.

Is this K2 9 Vitamin softgels causing allergies? 

Due to the presence of tree nut (original virgin coconut oil), this Vitamin D3 K2 Supplement can cause some allergies. 

Can we use these supplements during pregnancy period? 

No, these supplements are not formulated for pregnant women. 

What is the amount of vitamin D3 in these Sports Research supplements? 

5000 IU is the total amount of Vitamin D3 that is included in these vegan softgels. 

What is the composition of Vitamin K2 in these supplements? 

Almost mcg of K2 vitamin is included in these plant-based K2 D3 vitamins. 

What is the source of Vitamin D3 in these supplements? 

Vitamin D3 is a plant-based patent that features Vitashine D3 ingredient. 

Are this vitamin D3 and K2 supplements clinically proven? 

Yes, this Vitamin D3 K2 product is not only free from gluten but also clinically proven by different health institutes. 

Can I buy this vitamin K2 D3 in UAE? 

Yes, this is the best muscle protection of the UAE, and you can buy it from our platform at cost-effective rates. 

Can these Veggie softgels help me to maintain my calcium level? 

Yes, the daily intake of this D3 and K2 supplements increase calcium absorption level in your body. 

How many softgels I’ll get in one pack? 

You will Total 60 softgels. 

Can I use these vitamin K2 supplements with my other medicines? 

Don’t do this on your own. It is better to ask your doctor. 

Are these Vitamin K2 supplements available in Dubai? 

Yes, these Sports Research Supplements are available in Dubai. 

How many capsules are best to take daily? 

Take 1 capsule of these Vitamin K2 and D3 supplements daily. 

What is the best temperature to store this product? 

For best results, store these supplements at room temperature.

Where to buy this vitamin K2 & D3 supplement?

You can buy these plant based Vitamin K2 & D3 supplements from

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