Suzika 2 in 1 Blender - SK9999

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§  Blender capacity: The ideal size blender useful for every kitchen need and the perfect size blender, blend every item easily.

§  Powerful blades: The Suzika 2 in 1 Blender has the sharp blades which grind & blend all types of fruits, nuts & vegetables.

§  Durable Product: The durable product has the stainless steel and metallic gear, which makes it better than other brands.

§  Powerful motor: The powerful wattage works amazingly with the hard surfaces and you get the best results of it.

§  Best quality blender & grinder jugs: The best quality jugs are most stable & heavy that will remain for a long time. The ideal material of jugs is lightweight & durable which has better capacity.

§  Easy to clean: The Suzika 2 in 1 Blender is easy to clean that's has a switch or control button which makes it easy to hygienic.

§  Less noise: The most excellent blender & grinder product have less noise and the best speed blend everything well.


§  Blender + Grinder

§  The product/item brand new

§  Easy and convenient to use

§  Stainless steel blades

§  Anti-slip button or feet

§  Unique material


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