Timmy 6 Cups & 6 Saucers Set

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    §  Ideal for any special entertaining evening

    §  Stain resistant

    §  Dishwasher safe

    §  Brand new, high-quality product

    §  Heavy-duty porcelain with chip-resistant

    §  Easy to assemble, Stackable

    §  Microwave safe completely verified for heat resistance

    §  Attractive print in gold and white

    §  The elegant but eternal style

    §  The pure porcelain provide great resistance from crashes

    §  The cups & saucers ideally constructed for easy storage

    §  The Timmy 6-cups-6-saucers Set has break resistance

    §  Carefully manufactured & classic round-shaped inner base

    §  Set includes 6 cups and 6 saucers

    §  Unique Cups and Saucers Set:

    At online shopping site easyshopping.ae in UAE, you get many products; this one is not just unique, but also perfect for any occasion.

    §  Cheerful design:

    The colorful design makes it more elegant and you feel comfortable while drinking. 

    §  Quiet aesthetic art for the table:

    The Timmy 6-cups-6-saucers Set is a cool complement to your table where guests can enjoy and have a fun to drink coffee or tea.

    §  Environmentally Friendly:

    The product is environmentally friendly that is available at easyshopping.ae in Dubai.

    §  Porcelain material:

    The highest quality Porcelain is ideal for tea & coffee serving.

    §  Traditional addition:

    This is a traditional addition for any occasion that brings sophistication and beauty to your kitchen.



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