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Clikon 4in1 3SC MY Light Grey - CK7784
Clikon 4in1 3SC MY Light Grey - CK7784
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Your entire house might not be installed with the lighting system or maybe you have to go out in dark, what will you do in these cases? You definitely require a flashlight. We have the ultimate collection of lights that are best in producing the sharp light and are durable enough to assist you for longer period of time. Our range of emergency lights are manufactured by the notable brands like Geepas, Epsilon and Clikon. There are also the digital products like mobile phones and tablets, and also the speakers and cameras.

Range of Features of Torch Lights

Our products are based on ultimate quality and the features can definitely provide you the maximum benefit. Let’s have a look what these torch lights offer.

Short Charging Time and Long Battery Life

You are often irritated by the long charging time that consumes your significant moments. Sometimes you require the light urgently. This is the reason why we have the collection which includes the torches that require lesser time. For example, there is premium quality flashlight that just needs 4 hours. Moreover, there are also LED lanterns that require 12 hours.

Durable Material

Most of the items in our light variety comprise of aluminium material which is highly durable. This means they are long-lasting and can provide high quality light for longer period of time. The aluminium material makes them lightweight as well as unbreakable. This also makes them corrosion resistant.

Strong Front Glass

The light source inside the emergency light needs the maximum protection. The strong glass is helpful enough in keeping the bulb safe.

Water Resistant

Water resistant feature, this keeps the torch safe for longer period of time. If the product is waterproof, you can even use it during the rainy weather.

LED Light

LED lights are the efficient light sources that waste very little energy in the form of heat. You can easily turn on and off such torches. Such lights are less fragile and also have longer lifetime. You can also enjoy the cool white light


What can more easier for you than a lightweight torch? Our torch collection possess appropriate weight and sizes which are best for keeping it anywhere like in the bedroom or even in the handbag.

Enjoy the Reasonable and Discounted Prices

We know that you love discounts that is the reason why we are offering the torches and emergency lights with discounted prices. You will find the quality branded products in such affordable range that is not seen anywhere else. So, whether you live in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah, just place the order of your favorite light and get it in just couple of days. You can choose the right color, size and material from our list.