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Applied Nutrition - Liquid Collagen Skin Revitalization Tropical Strawberry and Kiwi 10 Liquid Tubes

Applied Nutrition a complete nourishing solution for skin

Collagen is the most crucial factor that makes 80% of our skin. Let’s boost your skin with this natural flavor collagen liquid supplementary product. This applied nutritional product is formulated to provide your skin with a perfect blend of antioxidants along 4000mg of collagen. 

With a broad spectrum of botanicals, this natural product is enriched with nutrients such as biotin & Silica. The mixture of all the nutrients helps your skin to retain moisture in its deep layers. This innovative Liquid Collagen Skin Revitalization can cover the wrinkles and fine lines and give a healthy natural boost to aged skin. 

Features and Benefits

This is the collagen drink product that is best for all type of skins

It is the best natural dietary supplement

This collagen youth drink product covers wrinkles and fine lines

This best collagen liquid vitamin product provides deep intensive nourishment to hairs

Cure brittle and weak nails and bring their natural shine back

Provide better antioxidants for controlling skin problems

It contains 4 active and many other ingredients

This applied nutritional collagen liquid is available in the flavor of Kiwi and tropical strawberry

10 liquid collagen tubes are included in one packet

How to use it? 

For effective results, drink one liquid tube daily. The proper method of using this product is 

Shake liquid collagen tube well and then break the twist-top of the tube

Mix the collagen youth drink in 16 OZ of water and thoroughly stir it

Where to store it? 

It is recommended to store this liquid collagen drink in a dry and cool place. 

Warnings and Side Effects of this Applied Nutrition product

Don’t take an overdose of this product

Don’t use these liquid collagen tubes without the permission of your doctor if you are pregnant

Ask your doctor and therapist before using this collagen drink

Don’t use it if you are not an adult

Avoid drinking concentrated form of this collagen youth drink

Keep this product out of the range of your kids

If you are using any other medicine, then consider asking your doctor first

Don’t use this liquid collagen product if you find its outer sealing damage

Avoid placing this product in sunlight

Active Ingredients

Silica (6000 mcg)

Biotin (2000 mcg)

Collagen (4000 mcg) 

Other Ingredients

Citric Acid

Blueberry Extract

Carrot Extract

Kiwi Extracts

Punch Flavor of Natural Fruits

Natural Strawberry Flavor

Folic Acid

Purified Water

 Questions & Answers

Q: What type of collagen is included in this product? 

A: This collagen drink includes Type I & II collagen.

Q: For how long I can use these collagen liquid tubes? 

A: Three months are the time limit of this collagen youth drinking product.

Q: Is this product 100% vegan or contain any animal extract? 

A: No, this collagen supplement doesn’t contain any animal extract. This liquid collagen is specially formulated for vegans. 

Q: Can I use this applied nutrition product during my pregnancy period? 

A: No, this collagen drink is not suitable for pregnant women. 

Q: Are these collagen tubes contained any flavor, or are they flavorless?

A: This applied nutritional collagen liquid product is available in the flavor of kiwi & tropical strawberry.


Q: How many liquid collagen tubes are included in one packet? 

A: Total of 10 liquid youth collagen drink tubes are included in one packet. 

Q: Is this product containing pork derivatives? 

A: No, this product neither contains pork nor any animal extract and derivatives. 

Q: Are these collagen tubes suitable for diet conscious people? 

A: Yes, this natural dietary supplement is best for diet conscious people and don’t cause weight gain. 

Q: Does this collagen drink have caffeine? 

A: No, this collagen youth drink doesn’t contain caffeine in its ingredients. 

Q: Is it cost-effective or expensive, like other collagen products? 

A: No, this collagen product is cost-effective, and you can buy it even with your tight budget. 

Q: In how many ounces of water, I have to mix this collagen liquid? 

A: For 1 tube, 16 ounces of purified water is recommended. 

Q: Can I use this collagen youth drink for my nails? 

A: Yes, this applied nutrition liquid collagen is best for brittle and weak nails. 

Q: What is the major benefit of using this product daily? 

A: This liquid collagen tube helps your damaged skin to fight with wrinkles and fine lines. 

Q: Can I get this best collagen drink in Dubai? 

A: Yes, you can order this best collagen drink in Dubai from

Q: Is this collagen drink free from gluten? 

A: We are not confirmed about it because manufacturers of this product have not mentioned.


Q: How many ingredients are included in this liquid collagen youth drink? 

A: Except for other ingredients, this applied nutritional product contains three active ingredients. 

Q: What is the best temperature to store this product? 

A: Cool or room temperature is the best way to store this liquid collagen. 

Q: Can I use this applied nutrition liquid collagen for my hairs? 

A: Yes, this liquid collagen tubes deeply nourishes the rough and dry hairs.


Serving Size:
1 Liquid-Tube (10ml)
Servings Per Container:10
Amount Per Serving% Daily Value
Sodium20 mg1%**
Total Carbohyrate3g
Vitamin B60.75mg9%
Vitamin B120.56mcg667%
Hydrolyzed Collagen (Type I & III)4000mg
Antioxidant Blend
Blueberry Juice Concentrate, Pomegranate Juice Concentrate, green tea extract3030mg
Horsetail Extract134mg

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