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Now Foods, Natural E-400 With Mixed Tocopherols

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Now Foods, Natural E-400 With Mixed Tocopherols
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Now Foods, Natural E-400 With Mixed Tocopherols

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Dietary Supplements of Vitamin E-400 Mg

NOW Vitamin E provides the best Vitamin E capsules that help fight against oxidation. Vitamin E 400 Mg plays the role of a major antioxidant in the body. The formulation of these capsules creates a defense mechanism in the body against the peroxidation of lipids. These 400 mg Vitamin E capsules mainly protect the cells of the body from oxidation damage.

Vitamin E is known for its fat-soluble properties and maintaining the balance in cellular health. The natural e 400 IU d Alpha liquid soft gels from NOW FOODS can maintain your cellular health by reducing free radicals in the body. These dietary supplements can also maintain the metabolic flow system in the body. With a blend of Tocopherols, the Vitamin E-400 mg is also vital for a strong immune system and saves the body cells from environmental exposures.

Features and Benefits of E 400 Tablets

                            ü  Increase the stability of metabolic processes in the body

ü  Fight with free-radicals in the body

ü  Best fat-soluble antioxidant Vitamin E capsules

ü  Now Food Natural E 400 capsules are mixed with Tocopherols

ü  Maintain a healthy vascular system in the body

ü  250 soft-gels are included in one pack

ü  Natural E 400 NOW FOOD also makes the immune system strong

ü  Effectively maintain the cellular health of the body

ü  Protects the body from environmental exposures

ü  Certified from Kosher

ü  Produce in GMP facility

ü  Provide extraordinary antioxidant protection

ü  It contains Gelatin and Soy (NON-GMO)

How to use these Vitamin E 400 Mg Capsules?

 For effective results, doctors recommend taking two capsules of Vitamin E 400 Mg, preferably with your daily meal.

Where to store this Now Natural E 400 Vitamins?

Store this dietary supplement in a cool and dry place.

Warnings & Side Effects of Vitamin E Tablets 400

·        Store these NOW Food supplements in a dry and cool place after opening

·        Carefully read the label with direction

·        If you are pregnant or nursing then consult your physician before taking these capsules

·        Use these supplements according to the recommendation of the doctor

·        consult your doctor if you are already using medicines

·        Store these tablets away from the reach of kids

·        Sometimes color variation might occur in this dietary supplement

Ingredients of E 400 IU

·        Vitamin E

(Blend of unsterilized D-alpha Tocopherol and mix with Tocopherols: d-delta, d-gamma, d-beta Tocopherol)

Other Ingredients

·        Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

·        Soft Capsules (water, glycerin, and gelatin)

NOTE: yeast, wheat, gluten, milk, egg fish, tree nuts and shellfish are not included in the manufacturing of these capsules.


Q: Does this Vitamin E 400 Capsules Heal Scars?

A: No, but these supplements can reduce the rate of scarring.

Q: Which animal’s gelatin is used in this product? Is it cow or pork?

A: In these supplements, Cow gelatin is used. This gelatin is used in every halal dietary supplement.

Q: This product contains Soy in it. So is it free from GMO?

A: Yes, these NOW Food Vitamin E supplements don’t contain GMO.

Q: Is it suitable for pregnant ladies?

A: Consult your health physician before taking these supplements during pregnancy.

Q: Does this Now Natural E 400 supplement Halal?

A: Yes, this dietary supplement is manufactured in a Halal way.

Q: Does this product contain natural ingredients?

A: Yes, this product contains all-natural ingredients.

Q: Are these Vitamin E capsules available in Dubai?

A: Yes, you can order these dietary supplements online from

Q: Can I use these dietary supplements on my face topically?

A: The FDA does not permit you to apply this dietary supplement on your face as topically.

Q: What is the main ingredient of this product?

A: This dietary supplement contains Vitamin E with the blend of tocopherols as its main ingredient.

Q: Do these capsules smell like fish?

A: No, this product does not contain fish, and it does not have any particular smell.

Q: What is meant by Tocopherols?

A: Tocopherol represents the original form of a Vitamin, not synthetic.

Q: Is egg yolk included in Tocopherols or not?

A: No, tocopherols do not contain egg yolks in it.

Q: How many servings are included in one pack?

A: 250 vitamin E 400 mg Softgels are included in one pack.

Q: What is the cost of Vitamin E capsules in UAE?

A: The price of Vitamin E capsules in UAE is reasonable.

Q: What is the main purpose of these Now Food Supplements?

A: These supplements increase the strength of the body to fight against lipid peroxidation.

Q: What is the recommended dose of this product?

A: 2 soft gels are recommended for daily use.

Q: What is the side benefit of using these supplements?

A: The Vitamin E protects the immune system and body cells from the damage of free radicals.

Q: Are these supplements odorless?

A: Yes, these supplements are odorless. 

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