Voox DD Cream Whitening Lotion 100 gram - Elccmcmo118

Product Information

Model NumberElccmcmo118
Model NameWhitening Body Lotion
Treatment TypeAnti Aging
Container TypeTube
Sales PackageWhitening Body Lotion White 100%Authentic 100Gm
Treatment KitYes
Organic TypeOrganic
Gift PackNo
Skin TypeAll Skin Type


Being the most popular product nowadays, this DD cream helps to keep your skin smooth and reduces the fine lines. VOOX DD Cream Whitening Lotion 100 Gram comprises of cherry blossom extract and malic acid. You should apply this cream 15 minutes before sun exposure. It is best for getting a beautiful shining and moisturized skin. You don’t have to wash it after using and it also has a sunblock with SPF 50.

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