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DHEA 50 mg Supplement - Hormonal Balance Formula For Women & Men - Healthy Aging Support

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DHEA is one of the important building blocks of the body. Its level is at the peak in 20's age, but start declining with the passage of time. The lower levels create the aging effects on the body. The adrenal glands produce this important hormone, but due to different ailments and stress, the production in the body gets reduced. To bring the optimum levels of DHEA in the body, it is good to take the DHEA health care supplement.

Other benefits are healthy mental activity, happy mood and high energy to perform daily life activities. Daily recommended dose is one capsule. It is good to take with meals to avoid any gastric trouble. Consult the doctor if you are taking other medications to avoid drug-drug or drug-disease interaction.


  • Rice flour
  • Vegetable cellulose (in capsules)
  • DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) 50 mg

The ingredients which are not included in its manufacturing are Gluten, eggs, fish, wheat, dairy products, preservatives, soybean, tree nuts, shellfishes, peanuts and any kind of animal products.


    • Healthy aging
    • Healthy support of strength and vitality
    • Decrease gastric issues
    • Better hormonal balance
    • Increase energy and endurance level
    • Effective in mood swings

    How to Use?

    It is preferable for you to take 1 veggie capsule daily with your meal or use these dietary supplements according to the given directions of your health specialist.

      • This product is specially designed for the use of adults, so keep them out the reach of children.
      • If you are pregnant or nursing and going through any kind of meditation, then consult your health physician before its use.
        • Do not exceed the recommended amount of these supplements. The exceeded serving of these supplements can cause severe damages to your health. The possible side effects of this product are acne, hair fall and growth of hairs on women’s faces; increases the level of estrogen and aggressiveness.
        • With any family history of prostate cancer, heart disease, prostate enlargement and Low Good Cholesterol (LGH), it is necessary to consult health specialist before the use of these supplements. 
        • Do not use this product if you find its seal somehow damaged or torn.


        The Department of Food & Drug Authorities does not elevate any statement regarding dietary supplements so be careful and do not anticipate diagnosing, curing and treating any kind of disease. 

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