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Olympia 21 Pcs Ceramic Die Casting Cookware Set - Green OE-23



Want to add something impressive to your kitchen? Try these 21 pcs Ceramic Die Casting Cookware Set Green OE- 23 from Olympia. This cooking variant is made up high – quality ceramic die casting material. This cookware set offers you four crockpots of different weights. With 1 frying pan and saucepan, you get spoons and slotted spoons made up of pure nylon material. With the features of this cookware set, you can make many dishes at one time. Due to the ceramic material and stiffen glass lids you can cook food without scorching. You can make healthful food for your family in it with its evenly heating distribution. Its security assured comfortable and firm gripping handles make sure you are cooking safely. The pots in this range can heat up quickly, so it's really convenient to prepare food if you don’t have enough time.   

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