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Purchase High Quality Makeup Kits Online

Makeup is all about perfection. If you really want to appear beautiful and elevate your natural beauty, then it is the right time to buy makeup kits online from We are meant to sell high quality beauty products to satisfy our customers and to become the best online marketplace of UAE. Along with that, we also sell personal care products, perfumes and jewelry sets.

What’s Inside Our Makeup Kits?

Are you curious that what’s inside that big magnificent box that each woman wants to buy? Well, let’s make things easier for you. Our makeup kits of various notable brands like Huda Beauty, Sephora, Revlon, Dior and MAC are full of charming tints and luxury products. Let’s have a detailed look:

Palette of Lip Colors

Lip colors or lipsticks, these are the most basic cosmetics any kit can ever have. Our makeup kit collection also contains multiple lip colors. These shades range from red to pink, purple and brown. Usually they are matte and the creamy texture makes it comfortable for you to apply on your lips.

Range of Eye Shadows

Your eyes also need a bit of hue. Makeup kits that we sell also encompass variety of eyeshadows like pink, blue, green, white, yellow, brown, black and many more. Different brushes inside the kit are easy to use so that you can flawlessly apply the eyeshadow. 

Eye liners and Lip Liners

You need to outline your lips and your pretty eyes. Nothing can be sharper and perfect than lip liners and eye liners inside your makeup box. Eye liner is usually of black and brown color while the lip liner is of red or maroon color. 

Nail Polishes

Hands look more sophisticated if your nails are masked with color. Red, pink and maroon, these shades are easily found in almost all sorts of makeup kits. 

Foundation and Sponge

You will find the best makeup foundation inside our makeup kits. A slightly bigger section of foundation with a sponge makes it easier for you to get ready as quick as a flash!

Best Makeup Products - Why to Wear Them?

It is not just about shopping, it is also about knowing the worth of best makeup products. Why we buy and wear cosmetics? Is it really essential? There might be reasons why sells them in such reasonable prices

It gives you freedom. It takes you out of the imperfect world of yours by giving you the perfect look. Hence, you become more confident and you are ready to face new challenges.

You become more attractive because you have applied variety of shades on your face. Your beauty is boosted which is eventually loved by everyone..

You enjoy good health. Our branded makeup kits contain such cosmetics that are healthy for your skin, ultimately making your skin more glowy and youthful.

148 Pcs Heart Makeup Kit Red - A40
Out Of Stock
Brand: Other Model: A40
Pieces148LipsticksYesBaseYesBlushYesGlitterYesEye shadowsYesLong-lastingYesSafe to useYesColorRedModelA40..
Ex Tax:AED75.24
22 Pcs Makeup Set 22 Pcs Makeup Set
Out Of Stock
Brand: Other Model: 22 Pcs Makeup Set
GenderGirlsFocus onGirlsSizeOtherConditionNewTypeMakeup KitPcs22..
Ex Tax:AED36.55
Makeup Kit With Box - 2001A-Red Makeup Kit With Box - 2001A-Red
Out Of Stock
Brand: Other Model: 2001A-Red
Product InformationBrandOtherSKU2001A-RedModel2001XGenderGirlsFocus onGirlsSizeOtherConditionNewTypeMake Up KitsColorRedMakeup Kit With Box - 2001A-RedIf you are looking to merge quality with beauty then buy Makeup Kit With Box - 2001A-Red. It has various cosmetics inside like sponges, correctors, b..
Ex Tax:AED65.71
Makeup Kit With Box - 2001X-Blue Makeup Kit With Box - 2001X-Blue
Out Of Stock
Brand: Other Model: 2001X-Blue
Product InformationBrandOtherSKU2001X-BlueModel2001XGenderGirlsFocus onGirlsSizeOtherConditionNewTypeMake Up KitsMakeup Kit With Box - 2001 A - BlueIf you are looking to merge quality with beauty then buy Makeup Kit With Box - 2001 A - Blue. It has various cosmetics inside like sponges, correctors, ..
Ex Tax:AED65.71
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