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2 Pcs Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait (2 Tubes + 2 Plungers + 2Tips)


2 Pcs Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait in UAE

Advion Syngenta gel is effective for the treatment of the wide variety of cockroach colonies. It is effective for the treatment of different cockroach species like German, Australian, American and brown. No matter what type of the species your residence or the storeroom have Syngenta gel will effectively kill and clean the surface from these creatures. It is the useful non-repellent solution for getting rid of the cockroaches. In the package you will find

Two tubes Two plungers Two nozzles

Ingredients Indoxacarb 0.6 % is the active ingredient of the gel.

Benefits You can use it in food handling areas. It is best for indoor and outdoor use It helps in thorough infestation of the species of cockroaches. The gel is effective for two years after opening. The non-repellent, potent and toxic agent is helpful for removing the different colonies of the cockroaches. Effective for killing both eggs, nymphs and adult cockroaches. Dispense it easily in small holes, cracks and anywhere you find the colonies of these creatures.

How to use? You have to apply the small bead of the gel in the infestation area. Fill the gel in the plunger, add the nozzle on the tip and inject to the susceptible area. You can directly apply the gel in small holes, cracks, and other small areas. Place the tip inside the hole about half inches and push the gel into it.

Warnings Keep the gel away from children and pets. Do not dispense in areas where the children or pets usually play. Always wash your hand after dispensing the medicine to a certain area. Always clean the utensils before using them especially if you dispensed the gel in that particular area. Store in a cool and dry place to avoid any damage to the product. Properly wash the area where you previously dispense the gel. Do not use the gel in surfaces where you have done any residual spray, as it will not remain effective with it.

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