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Usually, we think that during makeup foundation will be enough for a ravishing look. But you might be wrong. If you want a flawless and smooth touch on your face, never forget to apply a good concealer and nice touch eye primer. Maybelline Concealer is such a gift from heaven, even men have begun using it, however just when appropriately applied. Apply your foundation first, at that point speck on concealer just where important to conceal any flaws and dull spots. Ensure you cover spots from each point- Fit me Concealer does this splendidly. So In short, to make your face look more attractive follow three steps:

  • Eye Primer
  • Foundation
  • Concealer

Still, if you want something to look better, apply some white eyeliner pencils. Now you must be thinking of the place, where you can buy these magical cosmetics. is an amazing online marketplace where you can get all these makeup products at your doorstep with a cash-on-delivery policy so you don’t have to face any fraud. We offer eye makeup products at the best available prices.

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Ever thought of the history of makeup that you are using? So let me tell you!


In 1928 Lydia O'Leary utilized her insight into science and love of painting to have to make cosmetics foundation that would conceal her stain of port wine she had all over. The principal item was Cover mark; it was the main foundation to have a patent. In 1942, Helena Rubinstein created shades to cover burns. They likewise utilized as a part of various hues, and they used to concealer by having their face secured with cosmetics. Concealer originates from concēlāre, that way to conceal, cover, or keep from locating. From all these diverse thoughts Marilyn Monroe found that you could make yourself more breathtaking and prettier. Individuals began getting the thought and made an alternate kind of cosmetics that could conceal you from things that could influence you to look prettier.

Eye Primer:

In 1995, primers were invented by Laura Mercier to give smoother look to the makeup. Further, those primers were specified for eyes, lips, and foundations. Eye primer is made particularly for use near the eyes. An eyelid primer may help even the shade of the top and upper eye zone, may diminish sleekness, may include shine, or conversely may mattify. Eye primer helps in the smooth use of eyeshadow, keep it from gathering in eyelid wrinkles and enhance its lifespan.


Eyeliner was first utilized in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia as a dull dark line around the eyes. Around 10,000 BC, Egyptians, and Mesopotamians wore different makeup including eyeliner for aesthetics as well as to shield the skin from the desert sun. However, those are still being used. In the market, you can find eyeliners in the form of powder, liquids, gel, and pencil. Then different colors were added to it. Now, it’s a major part of makeup.

Now you must have the knowledge of the daily routine makeup. These makeup products only make you look pretty but will also save your skin from sunshine and other dust particles. The best thing is you don’t have to step out to get these amazing cosmetics. Just click on your required cosmetic, and will deliver it to your doorstep. So start shopping now!

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