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Do you love fried food? We have an easy and quick way you can get crunchy and juicy fried food. has the best deep fryers that too in reasonable prices. Whether you want to use it for making French fries, chicken or even donuts, fryers of popular brands Geepas will do it all. They possess all the characteristics that a typical deep fryer in UAE should have. The ability to fry big amounts of foods is just cherry on the top. You can also purchase quality ovens with reasonable prices.

Air Fryer VS Deep Fryer

Many people are confused between the difference in an air fryer and a deep fryer. Some even assume that they are the same. Let us enlighten you with the fact that they work in different ways. Yes! You heard it right. The following are the ways in which they differ from one another:

  • Deep fryer uses more oil than an air fryer
  • Air fried foods are healthier
  • The food in air fryer cooks slowly than in a deep fryer because the oil transfers heat slower in an air fryer
  • Deep fryers have higher caloric count as compared to the air fryer

How does an air fryer work?

It is an appliance that cooks food by circulating hot air. This hot air circulates around the food. It uses the convection mechanism. The convection mechanism is the process by which a mechanical fan circulates hot air around the food at a very high speed. Due to the Maillard effect, you get crispy food. You don't need oil in order to fry food in an air fryer. Even if you want to use oil, you can but that has to be put in the ingredients in the food, not the fryer pan.

How does a deep fryer work?

It is an appliance in which food is placed in a vessel containing hot oil. The oil is heated between 325-400 degrees. Food releases moisture that creates a vaporous layer which cooks the food. A gas barrier is formed that keeps the food dry. When the bubbles disappear this indicates that it’s time to take out the food.

Clikon Deep fryers is selling Clikon deep fryers at reasonable prices. They are offering 35 percent discount on the Clikon deep fryers. These fryers have an adjustable thermostat and a larger observation window. You won’t have any safety issues with these fryers as they have a safety interlock. The oil container is detachable and comes with a non-stick pot. The best part is it is only for 198 AED.

Geepas Deep Fryer

With the capacity of 2.2 liters, the deep fryer comes with a removable inner pan. It does not end there. It has a nonstick coated pan and the frying basket can be lifted too. It’s extremely convenient to use. The Geepas deep fryer is only for 177 AED. offers quick deliveries with a 7-day return policy. The products sold are 100 percent genuine. So, enjoy reasonable deep fryer prices in UAE.

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