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Are you looking for the right glass for every event? With our affordable glassware sets in an assortment of styles and patterns, from bright acrylic tumbler glasses to old fashion glasses and water glasses. Stock up on sturdy glassware for regular suppers and keep additional sets available for special gatherings to make engaging a breeze. Here at, we have the best glassware you can ever find. From water bottles to glass cups, we have everything here. So what are you waiting for? Add your favorite glassware set into the cart and wait for it to get shipped!

Benefits of Stainless Steel Glass Ware:

Undoubtedly other materials of glassware are advantageous but stainless steel is at the top of the list. So check its amazing benefits:

Food-Grade material:

Stainless steel is viewed as a superb, food review material by numerous health associations around the globe. It endures quite a while (our own accompany a lifetime guarantee) and can be cleaned effortlessly.

Less reactive:

Compared to different kinds of metals, tempered steel doesn't respond to your food and refreshments. Regularly, we utilize acidic fixings, for example, vinegar and lemon squeeze in our food. Despite the fact that they are feeble acids, regardless they respond gradually with metals. The synthetic substances that are made by this response with different metals could be destructive to our wellbeing. Tempered steel is intended to oppose response with the frail acids that we use for cooking. Treated steel tumblers could be utilized to keep custom made lemonade chilly and you can make sure that no response will happen. Treated steel keeps your fluids tasting great and there is no exchange of scent.

It doesn't break down:

Stainless steel won't rot after some time. Then again, plastic frequently contains a lot of substances that can gradually decay. At the point when plastic crumbles (and that is when not if) those synthetics could wind up in our beverages.

It doesn't harbor bacteria:

Some plastic materials may have little pores where bacteria can sustain. This could taint our food, which is definitely not something to be thankful for our wellbeing. Treated steel does not have these pores so microbes are effectively washed away.

It's BPA free:

Cheap plastic tumblers may not be produced using food review plastic. The wrong kind of plastic can contain BPA's, which could contrarily influence our wellbeing. Treated steel tumblers contain no BPA's and are significantly more secure than plastic ones.

It’s non-poisonous:

Aluminum tumblers could possibly cause harming if the liner corrupts after some time, while treated steel does not.

It doesn't dent easily:

Stainless steel will be steel and is extremely solid. In the event that you drop a shabby aluminum tumbler, it could mark gravely and there could be a little imperceptible opening. The opening may not be sufficiently enormous to cause a perceptible break; however, it could be sufficiently huge to let in microbes or other remote materials.

Other material of glassware are also amazing and are available here. So choose your favorite one and start shopping!

Clikon Vaccum Flask-CK409
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Brand: Clikon Model: Clikon Vaccum Flask-CK409
Model Number CK409Travel pot-wide mouth YesCollapsible handle and carrying strap YesCapacity 1.5 LitreDouble wall YesHigh Quality Stainless steel body Yes..
Ex Tax:AED149.00
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