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Don’t you think your hairdryers have to be replaced with a new one? If yes, then you might look for the best place to buy. But let me tell you about an amazing online marketplace in UAE, where you can buy new hair dryers online at the best available price. can assist you in getting the best product according to your requirement with cash-on-delivery policy. Just select the hairdryer online and you will get it on your doorstep after a promised time. You can also get other hair care products like hair curlers and hair straighteners

We present you two incredible brands of blow dryers that last long and work stupendously. Those Brands are:

Clikon Hairdryers

Geepas Blow dryers

Let me tell what you should know about the hairdryers before buying them.

Things-to-Know about Blow Dryers

Positive and Negative ions in hair dryers

Positive Ions in blow dryers affect the cuticle of the hair to end up bunched up, dull and undesirable looking. You would usually get this from a metal or plastic blow dryer. Negative Ions, otherwise known as "Ionic Dryers," cause the hair to lessen dampness and dispense with frizz. Negative Ions likewise dispose of static and make a smooth finish of the hair which makes you look great!


The more watts a hair dryer has the more power and heat it can give. There truly isn't a wattage that is particular for every type of hair; in any case, you can simply turn down the heat yet at the same time have the power. Extra heat can damage your hair. A decent range for blow dryers is around 1300-3000 watts.

Speed and Heat Setting must be considered

Pick a blow dryer that has various heat and speed settings! And in addition a cool shot button.  Similar to your flat iron, it's essential to change your heat settings as indicated by your hair type. More isn't generally better. Usually for more thick hair is perfect for the most astounding heat setting, yet for thin and delicate hair make sure to utilize the least hair setting. Your cool shot catch can be utilized when the hair is 80% dry to set your style or twists.

Lightweight Blow Dryers are best!

We invest quite a long time blow drying our hair, so you should think about the dyer's weight. Try not to pick an enormous, burdensome, and overwhelming dryer. Rather, pick one that weighs 1lb. or lesser. It won't make you suffer from severe fatigue or a back pain.

We all know that purchasing a nice hair dryer can save plenty of time from your morning schedule, expand the life of a hairstyle by months, and get your three day weekend to an incredible start. Hence, get the best one from and save your money and time as well. In this way your wallet may thank you for purchasing the least expensive hair dryer you can discover, your hair won't be so sympathetic.

WTR Hair Dryer Red - WTR-680 WTR Hair Dryer Red - WTR-680
Out Of Stock
Brand: Other Model: WTR-680
Product InformationBrandOtherSKUWTR680Compact travel hair dryerYesColorRedFilter cover on the back sideYesAutomatic cut for safetyYesprofessional diffuserYesrotating nozzle 360ºYesOverheat protectionYesRing –ConcentratorYesModelWTR-680DescriptionWhat can be classier than red colored Hair Dryer? Well..
Ex Tax:AED18.00
Clikon Hair Dryer - Ck3243 Clikon Hair Dryer - Ck3243
Out Of Stock
Geepas Hair Dryer - GH705 Geepas Hair Dryer - GH705
Out Of Stock
Brand: GEEPAS Model: Geepas Hair Dryer - GH705
Ex Tax:AED40.00
Geepas Hair Dryer - GHD86007 Geepas Hair Dryer - GHD86007
Out Of Stock
Brand: GEEPAS Model: Geepas Hair Dryer - GHD86007
Ex Tax:AED249.00
Geepas Hair Dryer - GHD86008 Geepas Hair Dryer - GHD86008
Out Of Stock
Brand: GEEPAS Model: GHD86008
Ex Tax:AED129.00
Geepas Hair Dryer 1500W - GH8078 Geepas Hair Dryer 1500W - GH8078
Out Of Stock
Brand: GEEPAS Model: Geepas Hair Dryer 1500W - GH8078
Ex Tax:AED89.00
Geepas Hair Dryer Cool Shot 2Speed 3Heat - GHD86009 Geepas Hair Dryer Cool Shot 2Speed 3Heat - GHD86009
Out Of Stock
Brand: GEEPAS Model: Geepas Hair Dryer Cool Shot 2Speed 3Heat - GHD86009
Ex Tax:AED195.00
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