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Advion Cockroach Killer Gel Bait (1Tube + 1 Plunger + 1Tip)


Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait in UAE

If you are worried about the prevailing cockroaches, then you are at the right spot. Advion cockroach gel bait 30 g targets all pest species of cockroaches. It combines a high-consumption bait matrix with a potent and non-repellent active ingredient. Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait (1 Tube + 1 Plunger + 1 Tip) controls even the toughest populations of cockroaches. The active ingredient is Indoxacarb. You can use it in single residential buildings as well as multi-family residential buildings, schools, and industrial areas.

Targeted Cockroach Species

This effective cockroach killer targets different species of cockroaches and is the best solution for cockroaches. Usually, depending on areas, there are different kinds of insects living and breeding. The presence of such insects is highly irritating. Advion cockroach gel in UAE targets brown, smoky brown, brown-banded, German, Asian, Australian and American species. Being highly effective, this Advion quickly controls the strong species of cockroaches and hence the insects cannot resist the strength.

Indoor and Outdoor Use of Advion Syngenta Gel Bait

Another big advantage of this Advion Syngenta Gel Bait is that it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether you are irritated by the prevailing cockroach species that are in your bedroom or they are out in your backyard, just place this gel and soon you will notice a good change. This pest control gel of Advion for cockroach can also be used on residential, commercial and industrial areas. It comprises of high-performing bait matrix.

Non-repellent Advion gel online

Unlike repellent get, this Advion cockroach gel takes time and is actually slower acting insecticide. Cockroach bait gel’s slow action has its own advantage because the insect goes back to its nest and encourages the other insects to do the same. With the passage of time spent over here, the Cockroach killer gel slowly starts acting and hence you see the improved results.

Where to Buy Cockroach Gel in UAE?

For buying Advion cockroach gel in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or in any other city of UAE, we are the best and reliable option for you. We provide services all over the United Arab Emirates and we try our best to build a reliable relationship with our customers. So, place your order of Advion cockroach gel online for controlling the strongest or most prevailing species.

The Affordable Advion Cockroach Killer Gel Price

The price is the most important factor when you have to buy Advion cockroach gel in UAE online. At Easy Shopping platform, you will observe the reasonable prices along with special discounts so that each and every person in the UAE can buy the best cockroach gel. This is because the majority of residences are facing the issue of crawling insects and want to just get rid of them. This Advion gel is non-repellent and contains Indoxacarb which blocks the sodium channels in the nervous system of insects, hence causing mild tremors, leading to death in a couple of hours. So eventually, it is the best solution for cockroach control in Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah and other states of UAE.


Indoxacarb 0.6% is the active ingredient of Advion gel UAE.


  1. It provides high-speed action and kills the cockroaches in a short time
  2. The small nozzle at the end of the tube of Advion gel for cockroaches is useful to dispense the gel even in small holes where the eggs are present to kill the entire arena
  3. Cockroach killer in UAE allows the thorough cockroach infestation control
  4. Potent non-repellent odorless ingredients easily attract the cockroaches towards it as they engulf the immediate reaction occur to kill them.
  5. You can use cockroach Advion gel for two years.Being the best cockroach gel in UAE, It is helpful for both indoor and outdoor use.
  6. You can easily place Syngenta Advion gel in the food handling areas as well.

How to use the cockroach gel bait of Advion?

  1. You have to apply the small bead of the gel in the infestation area.
  2. You can directly apply the gel in small holes, cracks, and other small areas. Place the tip inside the hole about half inches and push the gel into it.


  1. Do not use the cockroach killer gel in surfaces where you have done any residual spray, as it will not remain effective with it.
  2. Keep it away from children and pets.
  3. Do not dispense cockroach killer gel in UAE in areas where children or pets usually play.
  4. Always wash your hand after dispensing the medicine to a certain area.
  5. Always wash the utensils and cookware if you have applied Advion roach gel in UAE to the food and cooking utensil areas.
  6. Store in a cool and dry place to avoid any damage to the Advion Syngenta cockroach gel bait in UAE.
  7. Wash the surface with water and soap where you placed the gel for killing cockroaches after few days and dispense new drops on it.

Customer Questions & Answers

What is Advion cockroach gel?

Advion cockroach gel is non-repellent pest control for cockroaches, which has an active ingredient called indoxacarb. It targets all species of cockroaches, even the toughest ones. You can use it in multi-family residential buildings as well as single residential buildings.

How long does Advion cockroach gel last?

Re-apply once every 2 weeks, it is the best approach. Although the gel continues to attract roaches even when it is dry.

Can cockroaches start resisting the Syngenta Advion cockroach killer over time?

Yes, they can start resisting. Try switching up with other insecticides periodically. This is because of the continuous use of the same active ingredient.

What is the best time I should put the Syngenta Advion cockroach gel out?

Whenever you need to. Never put it out if you do not require the roaches to be attracted to it. Otherwise, this will create an immense mess.

How long will it take to eradicate the cockroaches with the help of this gel?

This gel takes at least a couple of weeks to eradicate the cockroaches.

Where to store cockroach gel Advion?

Store it in a cool and dry place. Keep it away from sunlight.

What if a mammal like a dog eats a cockroach that has ingested Advion cockroach killing gel?

The gel is only meant to kill the cockroaches, it is not strong enough to affect mammals like dogs.

What sorts of cockroaches does this gel kill?

Advion gel kills almost all sorts of cockroaches, including the species like Asian, smoky brown, brown-banded, German, American and Australian.

How does Advion cockroach killer product smell?

It has no smell, means it is odorless.

Are there any hazardous reactions possible?

Yes, it may cause an allergic skin reaction.

What are the precautionary measures one can take while applying this gel?

  1. Wear protective clothing, eye protection, and protective gloves.
  2. It is best to wash the contaminated clothing before reuse.
  3. Breathing dust is a big no-no.
  4. If the gel gets on your skin, wash it with plenty of water and soap.
  5. In case of skin rash or irritation, contact the doctor immediately.

What if my eyes are exposed to Advion cockroach killer?

Thoroughly rinse eyes with water. If concerned, it is best to contact the poison control center or your doctor.

What if my skin is exposed to Advion Syngenta gel bait?

If this gel is exposed to skin or clothing, first aid measures are usually not required. You should wash material from the skin. If troubled, contact the poison control center or the doctor.

What if I or any other human accidentally ingests this gel?

We will recommend you to immediately contact the doctor because this product is not meant to be consumed by human beings.

Can I use another cockroach killer with Advion Syngenta gel?

It is best to switch them up after every 3 to 4 months to avoid the cockroach resistance.

Is Advion gel bait organic?

No, it is not organic but it is safe to use.

What is the color of Advion cockroach bait gel?

It is yellow.

What are the symptoms of Advion anti-roach gel exposure?

Rash, redness or itching. In extreme conditions, you might also feel an allergic skin reaction.

Can I reuse the Advion anti-roach gel’s product container?


How should I dispose of the containers of Advion anti cockroach gel?

Dispose of the product containers and residues according to federal health and environmental regulations

How many tubes come in the pack?

There is 1 tube in the pack, along with one plunger and one tip.

Where should I put Advion cockroach gel bait Syngenta?

Put in the form of dabs directly into cracks in the cabinet, around sinks, drawers and in areas where you observe the cockroach activity.

What is the active ingredient in this gel?

It is called Indoxacarb.

What is the shelf life of an unopened Advion cockroach gel single tube?

It is normally up to 5 years.

Does this gel work when it dries out?

The gel will work even after it hardens though it does work best when it is soft.

What can be the reason of a non-effective Advion gel cockroach killer?

This cockroach killer can only be non-effective if it is contaminated. It should be kept pure from perfume, cigarette smoke or even with other insecticides.

What if I apply too much of this gel bait?

Too much application of this gel will be less attractive to the cockroaches and hence make them less likely to eat.

Is Advion gel Syngenta harmful for the kids?

It is better to keep your kids safe from this gel. Apply to the crevices and cracks where your infants cannot reach.

I don’t want to attract any more cockroaches, should I remove the gel?

Yes. it is recommended to remove the gel if you no longer want to attract the cockroaches or even if the problem is solved.

Is Advion roach gel bait good for preventing the cockroaches?

This gel is just for active infestation.

Is there any difference in Advion Roach Bait Gel & Advion Syngenta Roach Bait Gel?

No, Syngenta is the manufacturer of Advion roach gel.

Does this gel work on all sorts of insects?

No, this is just for killing the species of cockroaches.

Should the surface be dry before the application of this gel?


How should I apply Syngenta Advion anti cockroach gel?

  1. Per 10 linear feet, apply 3 to 5 spots of Advion gel. This is for heavy cockroach infestation.
  2. Per 10 linear feet, apply 1 to 3 spots of gel. This is for light cockroach infestation.
  3. The diameter of each spot should be approximately ¼” and each spot should weigh 0.5 grams.

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