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15 Litre Pressure Cooker


Product CodePT-09178
FunctionCook and Keep Warm
VDE PlugYes
Coating MaterialNon-Stick

15 Litre Pressure Cooker

If you want to make the delicious food in a short time then a pressure cooker is the best option. It not only saves energy but helps you cooking the scrumptious food for your family. If you need to buy this cookware and want to know which is the best pressure cooker to buy? Then you are at the right platform. There is available a big 15-liter pressure cooker made of high-quality material. The salient features of this cooker that help you to buy the product are:

Features and Benefits

It is compatible with gas and electric stove

High-grade aluminum

15-liter capacity

Durable handles on both sides for easy grip

A big handle on the lid so that you can easily pull it out

Safe and explosion free technology

Quick-lock system

Steam release safety components

Gradual opening system

You can wash it easily

Unique design.

Highly durable

Coated with a hygienic material 

Excellent pressure regulator control system.

New pressure cooker rate is economical

How to use safely?

Although the new technology pressure cookers don’t have the risk of explosion. You will find no screeching sound when the pressure builds up inside the cooker and there is no fear that it will explode. Yet, still, there is a need to be careful while using the aluminum pressure cooker to make sure you have properly locked the lid. The water level is appropriate to avoid burning of the food. Check properly the lock, weight and water level before placing on the stove. 


  • Turn off the gas if you find the unusual screeching sound.
  • Do not open immediately after turning off the stove.
  • Don’t pull up the weight when the cooker is filled with full gas.
  • Do not overfill with water.


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Questions & answers

How much is the pressure cooker? 

It has the capacity of 15 l

What is the cooker made of?

It is made of high-grade aluminum material.

Does it have the traditional long handle design?

No, it has a new unique design with two handles on both sides

Where to find the special pressure cooker low cost? is a reliable platform.

Is there a handle present on the lid?

Yes, the strong big handle is one the lid so that you can pull out safely without getting steam on your hands.

What is the material of the handles to grip the cooker?

These are made of the plastic material

Which pressure cooker is the best?

The pressure cooker with auto-lock system and proper weight is the best to cook food without fear of explosion.

Are there two handles or one handle for gripping the cooker?

There are two handles for safe gripping of the cooker. 

Where to purchase cheap pressure cooker in Dubai? is the right online outlet in Dubai where you get a cheap pressure cooker.

Is it easily washable?

Yes, this cooker is easily washable

Is there a non-stick coating inside the cooker?

No, there is no nonstick coating. It is made of aluminum.

What type of lock is present?

It has an auto-lock system which opens when a complete gas is released.

Does steam release safely?

Yes, steam releases safely and gradually.

What is the cost of the pressure cooker in Dubai? 

It is available in a normal price range that you can easily afford.

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