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This generation is lucky to have many useful utensils and kitchen appliances. Pressure cooker is surely one of them. Buy quality cookers from us today and let your ladies cook delicious food to amuse your taste buds. You can also buy other kitchen appliances like blenders, kettles and ovens as well as the electronics like flashlights and cameras.

Types of Cookers to Consider

Usually pressures are divided according to their material types. One is of aluminium. These range of cookers are quite famous and also very inexpensive. Aluminium is lightweight which means the entire weight of such cookers will also be lighter. They also work well because they are good conductors of heat. On the other hand, there are stainless steel pressure cookers. They might be little more expensive than aluminium ones but the price is of great worth. They are known for their strength and durability, which means they seem new even after years.

Key Features

Considering the features, then the most important one is the capacity. This capacity depends upon the number of people you have to serve the food. Usually there are three sorts, one is four quarts, second is six quarts and third is eight quarts. Six quarts cooker is loved by majority of people because it easily serves the entire family. Look for sturdy and large handles. This is because your cooker can become real heavy and you definitely need a firm support. Moreover, both sides should have handles so that you can easily carry when you have to move from one place to another. Branded products like Prestige cooker have these quality features.

Some cookers also come with racks and baskets. They are beneficial in keeping the food separate from liquid. 

Are These Products Really Helpful?

Yes, they are! Let’s follow the benefits below:

Saves energy

Using multiple pots, placing them on multiple burners and doing multitasking, how can this be easier for you? So, the better replacement is pressure cooker. Whether you buy Geepas cooker or Elekta cooker, It saves energy and hence requires less cooking. We can also save our electricity bills. What can be better than this!

Saves time

Preparing one-pot meal is lot faster to cook than multiple pot cooking. It is almost 70% quicker. If you come home late and are too tired to cook meal, then pressure cooker will assist you best. 

Less cleaning required

Cooking can create mess. Cooking residues are left on control panel and stove top which are hard to clean. Once you use cooker, nothing like this will happen.

Food is tastier

Along with the reasonable price, our pressure cookers cook tastier food. This food offers more nutritional benefits. 

Kitchen remains cool

Shopping cookers and using them in your kitchen will keep that place cooler. This is because these cooking products retain heat and steam. 

Brand: GEEPAS Model: GRC35011
Geepas Rice Cooker, 3 In 1, Non-stick Inner Pot, 1.5L - GRC35011The easy cleaning functionality makes this product even more luxurious. Geepas Rice Cooker, 3 In 1, Non-stick Inner Pot, 1.5L - GRC35011 is of white and grey colors making it perfect for your kitchen’s decor. The automatic cooking and w..
Ex Tax:AED99.00
Brand: GEEPAS Model: GRC4328
The capacity of 1.5 liters is perfect for your family. Geepas Stainless Rice Cooker, 1.5L, Non-stick Inner Pot - GRC4328 is the red colored elegant cooker that cooks the rice efficiently by saving your time and energy. It also has the automatic feature of keeping the rice warm, by maintaining the fr..
Ex Tax:AED99.00
Brand: GEEPAS Model: GRC4330
The real strength of stainless steel is seen in Geepas Stainless Rice Cooker, 1.8L, Non-stick Inner Pot - GRC4330. It is corrosion resistant as well as durable. The silver color combined with black enhances its beauty and gives the perfect outlook that your kitchen requires. The capacity of 1.8 lite..
Ex Tax:AED98.00
Brand: Olympia Model: OE-700
DescriptionIf you want to serve your family with the yummiest rice meal then buy Olympia 1.6 Liter Electric Rice Cooker 500 Watts With Food Steamer, OE-700. It has the capacity of 1.6 liters and is also convenient to use, helping each one of you to prepare the rice yourself. This light colored produ..
Ex Tax:AED49.00
Brand: Olympia Model: OE-400
DescriptionWith the 2 liter capacity, you can enjoy the delicious cooked rice. Olympia 2.0 Liter Rice Cooker With Steamer OE-400 has single switch for easy operation. It also has steaming plate for vegetable as well as has the automatic function to keep warm. It is also durable and easy to carry. To..
Ex Tax:AED54.00
Brand: Olympia Model: OE-600
Power 700 WattsLid Material Stainless SteelAutomatic Cooking YesKeep Warm System YesHigh Temperature Protection YesMeasuring Cup YesRice Paddle YesSteamer YesDetachable Cord YesModel: OE-600..
Ex Tax:AED51.00
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