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Want to make the best food for your children? Or want to impress your doctor who is coming over your house? Or want a nice party with a delicious party with your friend? In all these situations, your best assistant can be a microwave oven, toaster oven or an electric oven. You can make world-class pizza by using them and can keep your cookies fresh using these ovens. Now you must be thinking that, is is the right option for buying an oven for baking? Then let me tell you! You have landed on the best online marketplace in UAE, where you can find products on lowest prices with high quality. The best thing is they have a cash-on-delivery policy. Moreover, you can also buy the kitchenware products like cookers and blenders of top brands like Geepas and Elekta 

Microwave Oven

An electromagnetic wave is made by microwave ovens that further warm up the food. Unlike an ordinary oven, they don't warm up the entire space inside the appliance and simply utilize the waves to warm the food kept in it. Making them substantially more power proficient than conventional ovens. Microwaves are additionally evaluated less around 500-1000 watts. Since the waves in the microwave are focused on food, they likewise cook considerably quicker.

Electricity Consumption

Let me tell you how much electricity microwave consumes generally.

A microwave devours lesser energy (40% less) than a cooking gas, however, the cost of power is higher than the cost of gas. 

Contrasted with traditional stove microwave utilizes 75% less power for activities like cooking a potato.

If you want one for your super kitchen or workplace, then Geepas Microwave Oven can be your best choice.

Toaster Oven

Toaster ovens are considered to be the ovens that are little electric ovens that have a front door, removable wire rack, and removable heating skillet. These ovens are regularly bigger than toasters, however, littler than customary ovens. The vast majority of these toaster ovens are known as OTG or Oven, Toaster and Griller as it can play out each of the three activities. It can be called as a somewhat little, compact oven. It can without much of a stretch is moved to any counter or stage and does not require any extra set-up to work. Toaster ovens deal with power.

Mini Electric Ovens and Electric Oven

Toaster ovens don't spend excessive energy. Nonetheless, temperate capacity fluctuates relying upon the use of the gadget. On the other side, electric ovens spend more electricity than the mini electric ovens. If you want the best toaster oven price, then have a look here and find the best one for yourself.

Electric Oven

Electric Ovens are appliances with encased space with metallic components at the top and base. To gauges the temperature and modifies the current, the indoor regulator is used in the oven to keep up the temperature. Furthermore, a few ovens (convection) likewise have fans that consistently keep the heat appropriate. These ovens with fans are substantially more proficient than customary ovens as they consistently disseminate the heat and in this manner can help in diminishing the indoor regulator temperature. However, if you want the best electric oven price, then is the only marketplace you can get advantage from.

Regardless of all these minor differences, all ovens are made for cooking and for other food-making processes. In each kitchen, every kind of oven plays a significant role in making your delicious food. Have a look on our site, and get the best oven for your kitchen.

Brand: Clikon Model: CK4303
Color White, Brown Capacity  60 Liters Adjustable temperature 100-250  stages heating selector 4 Bottom Heating Yes 60 minutes timer with bell ring Yes High efficiency S.S heating element 4 pcs Power ..
Ex Tax:AED446.67
Flavorwave Turbo Convection Oven - Olympia OE-22 Flavorwave Turbo Convection Oven - Olympia OE-22
Out Of Stock
Brand: Olympia Model: Flavorwave Turbo Convection Oven - Olympia OE-22
Ex Tax:AED94.29
Brand: GEEPAS Model: GCR5050NPST
Color Silver, Black Glass Top LID Yes Classic Series 50x50  Enamel Pan Supports Yes Gas Burners 4 Burners Glass Oven Door Yes Oven Tray Yes Power Cable Yes Energy Efficient     Yes Ea..
Ex Tax:AED550.00
Brand: GEEPAS Model: GMO1898
Product InformationBrandGEEPASSKU1805855685ColorGreyEnergy consumption1000 WPackage weight12 kgHeight311 mmWidth553 mmDepth482 mmTypeCountertopEnergy Efficient    YesEasy to Maintain    YesDurableYesHigh QualityYesDescriptionWith the capacity of 45 litres, Gee..
Ex Tax:AED329.00
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