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Looking for a comfortable mattress that can save the maximum space of your bedroom? Then look for our exclusive inflatable mattress collection. Being manufactured by the topmost brands like Intex and BestWay, these airbeds are of various shapes, sizes and colors. For online shopping in UAE, consider our platform in order to get the quality and flawless products. Once you purchase them, you will enjoy the perfect quality for longer period of time. Moreover, you can also purchase home appliances, kitchen products and home theatre systems from

Benefits of Inflatable Mattress

Before buying your favorite air mattress, it is best to know the advantages. Let’s see, what our collection offers:


If you compare the sleeping on air mattress with sleeping on air, then it will not be wrong. This sentence depicts that such mattresses are very comfortable and light. You can even adjust the firmness by adding the right amount of air inside it. Moreover, they are also easy to move. They are actually the foldable mattresses which require very less space especially when you are deciding to camp. Hence, we can say, they are lightweight or more likely portable.


These beds are inflatable, it does not mean that they are weak. If you take good care of them, they will last longer than you imagine. The material seems thin but it can carry good amount of weight.

Easy to Share

Yes, they are! If you want to share inflatable bed with your partner, consider the larger size. Although, there are lots of mattress sizes that we provide, just choose what better suits your needs.

Odor Free

Some of you might be conscious about the smell that new products have! Well, in case of airbeds, you will face any of such issue. The PVC material does not produce any of such smell that might irritate you. You will ultimately feel happy and fresh.

Back Pain Relief

You will also enjoy the health benefits. If you are facing back pain and looking forward to get rid of it then it is best to buy air mattress. This will allow you to adjust air level which will eventually treat your pain. The firmer bed will give you more comfort.

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