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Time is all important, you save time and you run out of time. But for viewing the time, you need to buy the right watch. We are selling quality watches for both men and women with affordable prices and can be delivered anywhere in UAE. You can also buy fancy jewelry, branded bags and aromatic perfumes.

Importance of Watch

Watch is a sign of class. We’ve all seen our parents wear a wrist watch and that has always been a strong memory of our childhood. When we see someone wearing a wrist watch it automatically makes us feel that that person is smart, rich and knows where he or she is at. They are given as engagement and wedding gifts or on mother’s/father’s day since watches are (to borrow a media slogan) “timeless”.

Just like wearing a wrist watch gives a one up to your personality the type you choose signifies your style statement. Wear classic or contemporary, you make a statement wherever you go; to a wedding, get together or your workplace. 

Variety of Women’s and Men’s Watches

We offer men’s watches as well as women’s watches. When you buy a watch there are several things you should decide first off. Is the watch going to be: analogue, digital or a mechanical watch? What is the material the watch is made of:  silver, gold, white plated or stainless steel. Then comes the look, do you want numbers, roman numerals, dots or just the four points. Should it be a fluorescent dial? 

Next come specialized watches, these are worn according to your lifestyle or your interests. Get a mud resistant watch for those adventure outings/desert safaris and water resistant for when you want to go swimming. Look at military style watches if your job requires you to travel a lot.  

Watch Features and Brands

We offer choices in straps as well including leather and different colors, fluorescent dials and of course Quartz watches. For the ladies we have diamond star and crystal watches. If you want to gift watches with other products you can click on our gift deals.

Some of the branded watches we are offering are as follows:

Rolex watches: Quality and Detail is a Rolex hallmark. Gold, sapphire and diamonds on these show you are a person of taste.

Rado watches: An excellent watch known for its tradition and durability; and as per the makers a “watch for life”. 

Casio watches: They have the classic watches but they were the first ones to bring innovation in dials, G-shock stability and introduced sporty watches.

Fossil watches: Their pale hues are a change from the typical white, gold or black watches. For those who want to be practical and trendy at the same point.

Tissot watches: Their intricate dials which extend to the outer face of the watch is what has always set Tissot watches apart.

Mont Blanc watches: Steel cases, mariner styles, different straps and other design details when you buy a Mont Blanc it shows. 

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