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If you are living in UAE, you definitely need air conditioner. Buying the right AC is really a challenge but has made home appliance online shopping much easier. To beat this sizzling heat, we offer variety of air conditioners of top brands Geepas and Elekta like  that not only cool down the temperature but provide lots of other benefits too. The reasonable price range and discounts make it feasible for everyone to buy this online. Moreover, the payment methods like credit card and cash on delivery are quite reliable. There are also other categories like fans, cookers, irons and perfumes

Types of Air Conditioners

Buy the type of air conditioner according to your requirement. Let’s see what we are offering for you.

Window Air Conditioners

The name specifies that this sort of air conditioner is made to fit your window. For buying this, you need to take the measurements of the window. Window ACs are made for 3 kinds of windows. One is standard, second is slider and third one is casement. The hot air exhaust should face outside and the cool air system should face inside. If the window is shaded, then you will relish the extra cooling efficiency. 

Split Air Conditioners

Split ACs sit in your wall which means you do not require a window in your room to install this kind of air conditioner. It is noiseless and cools the place faster. Split air conditioners have 2 units, one is mounted outside and other one is mounted inside. Inside unit has the blower while the outside one has compressor and condenser. You can install in anywhere in the room, just keep in mind that the room must have an outside exposing wall. 

Portable Air Conditioners

If you want the air conditioners that offer more flexibility then buy portable air conditioner from us. These air conditioners can be moved from one room to another and do not require permanent installation. Portable ACs also have casters that make movement easier. 

Why You Should Buy Air Conditioner?

Summer heat has obviously the negative effect on human health. To improve the physical activity, buy air conditioner.

If the temperature is down, there will be the reduction in the presence of insects and parasites. 

Your company requires your dedication and loyalty which is possible only if the environment is pleasant. Air conditioners can help a lot in this matter. 

Air conditioners are also the source of HVAC. It is the technology that not only provides the thermal comfort but also improves the air quality. 

You sleep better. The air conditioning in your bedroom helps to control not only the temperature but also the ventilation and humidity. The improvement in sleep will eventually boost your health which is a big positive point for your lifestyle. 

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