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Airbed, Inflatable Mattress

Airbed, Inflatable Mattress

Are you looking for an air bed mattress for those occasional summer trips? Do you need one for hosting guests on your upcoming weddings or vacations? Well, you’ve landed in just the right place! Here we offer a wide range of collections ranging by weight, size, speed of inflation and deflation., From simple to luxury raised beds complete with headboards and much more from the best brands ever like Intex and Bestway to meet your needs. So, whether you’re looking an air mattress for your home or a tent, we have what you need! 


Benefits of an inflatable air bed

· Subtle Design: The grooves around the edges of the bed hold the fitted sheets perfectly. The inflatable bed is stable and anti-skid so people can enjoy resting on it without having an issue if it will tilt or slide up. They are specially designed to provide comfort and stability like a real bed. It is an excellent choice for relatives, friends or overnight guests. 

· Durability: The extra coils in the sofa air bed keeps the body aligned and give more support when you sleep. Cleaning it every two weeks further enhances the durability and you are more likely to save money as it can last for up to 15 years. 
· No sagging: Sagging usually occurs after years of usage when the surface starts to slowly give away. It means it is time to replace your conventional full-size memory foam mattress with a new one. With an air bed, this isn’t the case as you can inflate air to prevent sagging. 
· Low Price: Well-known brands on our website have managed to bring their prices down. Be it an inflatable single bed or a double one, air bed price in Dubai won't be heavy on your pocket. air beds for sale are even more convenient when the sale starts so make sure you keep an eye!

· Easy Installation: It is quite easy to site up this mattress. All you are required to do is unfold it and inflate it! Once you’ve inflated it, keep it in a woven nylon storage bag that will pack it down. check for air leak after 48 hours. If you choose an electric inflatable mattress, you can inflate or deflate it in about 3 minutes according to the desired firmness. The built-in compartments keep the rooms clutter-free be storing power cable. To clean the material, all you need is a damp cloth and you are good to go!

· Easy storage: There are equipped with a portable bag for convenient storage and transportation. All you have to do with the deflated bag is fold, roll, and store! 

· Fast Inflation and Deflation: The sofa air bed can be inflated and deflated in a hassle freeway. it only takes a few minutes with the unique internal airflow design. The air pump is to be closed manually after filling the air.

· Waterproof: The blow up mattress has a double layer design with a material that is puncture resistant and waterproof. This helps the airbed maintain its form and helps in a comfortable sleeping experience. The top is always dry and PVC prevents falling.

· The “air mattress feel”: Most cheap mattresses lack bounce and are a deal-breaker. The brands we select excel in their quality and are great for kids and adults especially for people who look for good neck and spine support. 

· Back pain: Since people can adjust the firmness, it proves to be a great advantage for people suffering from joint pain and back issues. If some nights were too soft, just simply inflate more air for a firmer surface to relieve pain and have a better body contouring at night. Likewise, you can also deflate and soften the touch if the inflatable beds are too firm. 

· Other uses: An inflatable mattress can be used outdoors as well as indoors. For instance, a twin size is a great option for camping trips as it can be rolled easily and left at one side for occasional visitors. Some people also prefer using them as their backseat during long road trips as it is much more convenient and comfortable compared to sleeping in the car seat. 

Get affordable Airbeds

Intex Inflatable bed mattresses are not only known for their spacious designs and comfort. They also have a luxurious build with elevated edges and flocked surface at an extremely affordable price offered at Even if you’re on a budget, our wide array of air beds will not disappoint you. You are only required to make an account, buy the desired item and the product will be at your doorstep in a few days! The last question is, where to buy an air mattress? is your best option for a reasonable air sofa bed price in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 

Brand: BestWay Model: Bestway Air lock Twin Inflatable Air Mattress 67001
Model 67001Size TwinFeatures InflatableColor BlueCustom Bundle NoModified Item NoWeight 5.23 poundsWidth 39.000 inchesHeight 8.66 inchesNon-Domestic Product No..
Ex Tax:AED50.00
Brand: BestWay Model: Air Mattress 67001 Bundle
Model 67001ESize TwinFeatures InflatableColor BlueCustom Bundle NoModified Item NoWeight 5.23 poundsWidth 39.000 inchesHeight 8.66 inchesNon-Domestic Product No..
Ex Tax:AED59.00
Brand: BestWay Model: BestWay Queen 67374
Model Number 67374Length 203 cmWidth 152 cmHeight 22 centimetersThe weight 5 kgMaximum load 215 kgMaterial PVC with velor coatingPump hand pumpManufacturer BestwayManufacturer country ChinaA type Inflatable flocked mattress..
Ex Tax:AED69.00
Brand: Intex Model: Intex Sofa Bed 68566
Brand name Intex  Item weight  23 pounds  Size queen ASIN B01HX4NNZE Product Dimensions 20 x 15 x 18 inches Shipping Weight  23 pounds 2-in-1 valve has extra wide openings for fast filling and quick deflateFold compactly for storage..
Ex Tax:AED166.67
Brand: Intex Model: Intex Single Air lock Bed E 68950
Intex Single Air lock Bed Inflatable Air Mattress E 68950 Brand Intex Model No E - 68950 Type Air Mattresses Bedding Size Twin Size Material Vinyl Pattern Stripe Weights 2.3 kg Color Blue ..
Ex Tax:AED37.14
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