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MAXFORCE FC Magnum Cockroach Gel (1Tube) 1.16 Oz 33G


Features of the Product:

Activity: This product contains an active ingredient Fipronil with the amount of 0.05%

Use: This roach gel comes in the easy-to-use form. This MAXFORCE FC Magnum Roach Gel can be used in warehouses and around the commercial areas, restaurants, processing plants of food, supermarkets, hotels, nursing houses, apartments, homes, beverages plants, motels, bottling facilities factories, schools, chemical laborites, aircrafts, buses, boats, trains, offices, shops, zoos, kitchens, pets and most important in hospitals

Function: Affectionately control and kills German roach baits, American cockroaches and many other pantry pests.



Are you worried because of numerous cockroaches and baits in your working areas and homes?

Or are you worried about the hygiene of your kids?

No worries, your all cockroaches and baits are just going to end with the use of this pest control product. This MAXFORCE FC Magnum Roach Gel is the best cockroach killing gel is best and work effectively. If you want to control German roach baits in your house then with this product you can excellently control this. This gel comes with the easy-to-use plunger and non-repellent product. Don’t worry; this product is easily used for sensitive application sites. With its efficient active ingredient, this gel attracts roaches. 


Fipronil 0.05%


Effectively kills and remove German roaches, baits, and American cockroaches

How to use?

  • Each tube contain the generous amount of this Maxforce Magnum gel
  • Apply this gel to the hidden places of roach baits and cockroaches.
  • This gel contaminates roaches when they come out for feeding and spread this Maxforce Magnum Gel throughout their nesting areas. 


Yes, this gel contains poison so keep this product out the reach of kids.

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