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Tablet and Mobile Batteries with Best Prices

Your devices like smartphones or tablets need power to provide you the best services. This power is stored in batteries. To buy the durable and quality batteries for your device, you can explore our product list. Being known as the reliable source of online shopping in UAE, you can buy the tablet and mobile batteries of notable brands like Samsung, Apple, Lenovo and Huawei in affordable prices. 

Moreover, there are also some other valuable electronic and digital products like mobile phones, headphones, smartwatches, screen protectors and chargers

Take Care of Your Battery

Once you buy it, there are numerous ways to enhance the battery life. Although our products are already durable but still you should ponder on some useful tips:

Keep the Brightness Down

High brightness is not even good for your eyesight. Keeping the medium or low brightness not only saves your battery but it also helps to view the screen comfortably.

Turn Off Unwanted Connections

We often forget to turn off certain unwanted connections. For example, we turned on Bluetooth for transferring songs but forgot to turn it off. This circumstance will definitely drain more power from battery. If you are not using it, it is best to turn Wi-Fi or Bluetooth off. 

Live Wallpapers and Animations - Avoid Them

Live wallpapers look really amazing but they are not that amazing for your tablet or phone battery. This is because such wallpapers require more graphic and processing power which eventually affects your battery. Turn such animations off or apply it for minimal period of time. 

Keep it Cool

The hot battery not only feels irritating but is also dangerous for the battery. Keep the battery cool especially the lithium ion battery. You might have noticed that a notification appears on phone screen when the battery is too hot. 

Carry a Spare Charger with You

It is always best to keep the spare charger with you. Whenever the battery is down and you need to make a call or use your smartphone or tablet, then keep a charger or cable in your bag. 

Keep Your Device Clean

For better battery performance, it is best to keep the smartphone or tablet clean. Most particularly the battery charging ports and back of your device. 

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Whether you want to buy lithium battery or a quality Samsung battery, it is best to view our services. We offer the affordable range of prices as well as we have the variety that is never seen anywhere else. For easy shopping with us, create your official account as a customer, pick your favorite battery and choose the buy now option. You will enjoy the quality and branded battery in just couple of days. You can also contact our customer services department for more details.  

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