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Charge Your Phone Anytime with Our Best Power Banks

Low battery, this is one of biggest problems that smartphone owners often face. If your phone died in an inappropriate time and there isn’t any switch or charging facility, then you probably need a power bank. We are selling best power banks that are manufactured by world’s topmost brands like Samsung, Huawei and Geepas. Moreover, along with power banks, you can also buy our other quality mobile accessories like mobile covers, mobile batteries and smart watches

We Sell Variety of Power Banks

When it comes to power bank variety in UAE, then we are at the top. We are not bounded to one product type or brand but we actually consider the colorful choices of the customers and give them what they want. Let’s have a look on our power bank types:

Universal Power Bank

With variety of sizes and configurations, universal power banks can charge more than one smartphone. They support USB battery charging system. The multiple number of ports help to charge multiple smartphones at same time.

Solar Charged Power Bank

Power bank itself needs charging. What if you are on a long journey or a trip, how will it be possible for you to charge it? Well, solution is simple, you can buy our solar power bank. As the name suggests, these mobile power banks require the sunlight to gain and store energy. This is a bit slow process but is quite useful. 

Phone Case Power Bank

This is a wireless power bank, that looks like a phone case but charges your phone like a pro. Phone case power banks come in different colors and designs so that your phone can look fabulous and can enjoy 2 in 1 features. 

Consider Some Useful Features and Benefits

The most prominent benefit of this product is that it is a portable charger. It is neither heavy nor large which means that you can easily place it in your handbag and carry wherever you want. 

You can easily charge your smartphone. This is because of the USB charging facility. Almost all kinds of smartphones support this feature. You can attach the same cable to the power bank. 

The variation in capacity is another characteristic that is a huge advantage. You can buy the specific capacity that can fulfill your requirement. 

It’s Easy to Shop Online from

Whether you desire to shop Samsung power bank or you are looking for some other brand’s product, the most easy and reliable destination is You just need to create your account, pick your favorite power bank and place the order. You also have the freedom to choose the payment method you like. 

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