Multipurpose Make Up Brushes Bs-10

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Model Bs-10
Gender Girls
Focus on Girls
Size Other
Condition New
Type Make Up Brushes

o   Compatibility:  These Multipurpose Make Up Brushes are compatible with all types of makeup application and dense fiber provide flawless and streak-free coverage. 

o   Perfect design: The perfect shaped brushes have an elegant design, color and top quality fiber give an accurate makeup application.

o   Durable: These makeup brushes are durable and high-quality fiber can work for best lasting performance. The properly fitted fiber will never harm your skin and protect your sensitive skin.

o   Functionality: These brushes will help with all makeup applications such as blending, foundation, eye makeup, concealer, blush and sculpting eyebrows.

o   Natural look:These Multipurpose Make Up Brushes will allow you to have a smooth, fast, easy and soft makeup experience.  And you also will get the natural beauty with little makeup coverage.

o   Different style & Sizes: These sets contain  10 different sizes  & styles of brushes that leave wonderful finishes on the face. The soft & compact bristles will help you in creating a smooth finish in less time.

o   High quality: The high-quality material has anti-allergy fiber, which meets all your needs and these ovals designed brushes never mess up makeup application.

o   Enhance natural curves: These brushes will compliment your natural face curves and highlight your facial features flawlessly. 

How you can use these Brushes:

o   You can pick any brush and start applying makeup first.

o   Blend the makeup well by using "Push & pull" motion and start makeup from the center of the face.

o   And get the finished results with stroking smooth & circular motions.

How to clean Brushes?

o   You can clean these brushes easily and place all brushes in tepid water.

o   Add little amount of shampoo to brush and rinse it carefully under running water.

o   Rinse all brushes until colors will leave the brush.

o   Dry all these Brushes in the air, but never put the whole brush in the water as it will reduce its life.

The Package includes:

You will get 10Pcs of  Multipurpose Makeup Brushes:

o   Big & small foundation brushes

o   Concealer Brush

o   Contouring Brush

o   Blush Brush

o   Eyeliner Brush

o   Eye-shade Brush

o   Nose Shadow Brush

o   Lip color applicator (Brush)

o   Brow Perfection Brush

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