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NeoCell Super Collagen Plus C Type 1 & 3 - 6000 mg (120 Tablets)

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  • 6,000 mg Collagen plus C Type 1&3
  • Clinically tested Collagen product 
  • Strong and flexible muscles and joints
  • Helps you to get nourish and lustrous hairs
  • Effective dietary supplements with Non-GMO & certified with GMP certificates
  • Healthy bones with radiant and firmer skin
  • Helps you to get 92% increased hydrated skin


  • These nutritional supplements contain 20 tablets of Super Collagen plus C Type 1 & 3 


If you are looking for some multi-working dietary supplements that will help you in various ways that don’t go further this is something extraordinary for you…

Try this effective Super Collagen plus C Type 1&3 manufactured by NEO CELL, Skin Care. You can maintain the flexibility and strength throughout your body because Collagen is a complex structural protein compound. As we age, the depletion of collagen may lead us to common problems such as aging and weak hairs. Everyone wants strong nails and even tone skin. In these dietary supplements, you get clinically proven and studied BioActive NeoCell Collagen.

So, you don’t have to panic about the supportive and healthy formation of collagen in your body. Now, you can get rid of weak and jelly bones. Yes, these collage plus C Type 1&3 supplements are GMP certified. NEO CELL doesn’t take compromise on the quality of the product. These supplements help your body to convert large collagen into small peptides with the help of advanced hydrolyzing technology. All the collagen changes are taken out in charge of enzymes. These collagen molecules are bioavailable and bioactive in our body.

Don’t worry this product does not contain GMO’s and Gluten. For the tempting and flawless skin, this product is really effective. With the help of its natural ingredients, you can get the natural polish and long-lasting shiny hairs. So, this is a full blasted package with various qualities.

Clinical Results: 

  • You can increase the average hydration of your skin. The clinical results are as follows of this NEO CELL Super Collagen
  • Increase hydration of skin by an average of 21% and goes up to the 50%
  • Almost 92% of test objects enjoy the fully hydrated skin
  • While 60% of test objects get firmer, flawless and even tone skin


  • This may contain the vegetable source of magnesium stearate
  • Not included: These supplements do not contain any traces of soy, gluten, starch, yeast, lactose, GMO’s, artificial flavors and wheat in its manufacturing process.
  • Allergy: It’s obvious; this product may contain minor traces of naturally occurring sulfite residue.


  • Healthy and strong bones
  • Lustrous, shiny and long-lasting, strong hairs
  • Firmer, flawless and even tone skin
  • Increase natural polish of brittle nails
  • Increase the flexibility of joints

How to use?

The daily serving of this product is 6 Tablets, but for the maximum results, preferably to take it on an empty stomach


  • Only formulated for the use of adults so keep it away from the reach of kids
  • Consult health physician or professional doctor, if you are pregnant/nursing, going through any medicated process or planning to have any surgical treatment
  • This product comes with the printed safety seal, so don’t use this product if you found  its sealing damaged or torn
  • Keep this product at dry place.


  • The statements regarding these dietary supplements are not elevated by the Department of Food and Drug Authorities and do not propose to cure, treat and diagnose any disease.

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