Paint Zoom Professional Spray System

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    Product Description is presenting a Paint Zoom Professional Spray System; all you need to do is only pull the trigger and paint. The Paint Zoom Professional paint sprayer does the complete work for you painting in just minutes rather than taking too many hours as required with a brush and roller. It works without any drips or errors. We are presenting the latest model of Paint Zoom Professional Spray System, it starts with 925 watts of spraying power (42% extra energy than any other regular model) and for a long time use it is created with an extra rugged material. The feature of new belt hook gives you an easier way to paint.

    Its simple one-touch control saves your time and cost of the paint. It’s an excellent spray technology that delivers great, one-coat coverage. With its 3-way direct dial spray head, the Spray system works on tight corners and edges. The Paint Zoom Professional Spray System has a Built-in Fan; it gives an easy and effective way to manage home and business jobs hassle-free. Paint designs that take all weekend now complete in very less time versus conventional painting. Let’s enjoy the benefits of professional painting with a flexible spray handle for complete control. Use it for minimum overspray and beautiful paint shape. It’s simple to use, no matter your work is inside the house or outdoors in Dubai, this sprayer protects you time, money and difficulty while giving your project a professional look and finish. Place your order now to buy this amazing product at an amazing, reasonable price.

    Paint Zoom Professional Spray System Features

    •          With three spray guides (horizontal, vertical and circular) and three end sizes(2.5mm/ 2.0mm/ 3.0mm)/, 900 ml canister is simple for you to use it at home or work.
    •           It comes with flexible valve knobs for accurate paint application.
    •          The Exclusive Easy Fill canister provides for fast and clean refills without eliminating from the sprayer; it is ideal for thin, free-flowing paints and blemishes.
    •          The combined Smart Select spray tip performs for user-friendly adjustments that are cleared and easy to agree; simply rotate the spray tip to select either horizontal, vertical or round spray pattern.
    •          Advanced spray technology gives superior coverage
    •         Reach tight edges and angles with 3-way direct-dial spray head
    •          More strong motor delivers 925 watts of spraying power
    •          Paint Zoom Professional Spray System is Ultra-light and compact
    •          Built-in fan provides for heat distribution and unit stays cool to the touch
    •          Flexible spray handles for supreme control and minimal overspray
    •          Adaptable paint shape, concentration, management, spraying intensity, and volume
    •          Comes with 800ml aluminum tank, strength measuring cups, and shoulder strap
    •          it is best for indoor and outdoor application.

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